Data 4s 07 - Large Language Models
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Data 4s 07 - Large Language Models

We hear a lot about Generative AI, but without Large Language models, they would not exists. Therefore, Charlie Apigian and Charlie Yielding dive into some interesting facts and nuances for Large Language Models (LLMs).

What is a LLM?
It is the foundation model (a kind of large neural network) that generates or embeds text. The text they generate can be conditioned by giving them a starting point or “prompt,” enabling them to solve useful tasks expressed in natural language or code.

NOTE: Do you know that it cost over $500 million to train GPT-4? For Google Gemini, the cost is estimated at $1 billion.

The Data 4 - Large Language Model Edition:

  1. LLMs predate Artificial Intelligence (1954)
  2. The capabilities and power of a LLM.
  3. What is a parameter of a LLM?
  4. What is fine-tuning a LLM and why is it important?

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