42 Insights and Anecdotes in Data Storytelling with Lea Pica
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42 Insights and Anecdotes in Data Storytelling with Lea Pica

Charlie and Charlie welcome Leah Pica, author of "Present Beyond Measure" and Charlie Apigian's graduate class. Their conversation zigzags from the personal to the professional, diving into the heart of narrative techniques that can turn even the driest data into a compelling saga. 

The dialogue saunters through the daily avenues where data becomes our silent partner—from tracking sleep patterns with biometric wizardry to the ritual of financial foresight. They revel in the tactile joy of journaling, be it through keystrokes or pen swipes, contemplating how artificial intelligence might one day offer insights into our stress patterns through our own written words. As the conversation winds down, they discuss the fine art of making sure your message sticks long after the lights dim on your presentation. Join Charlei and Charlie and the class for a hearty dose of enlightenment, laughter, and the occasional 'aha' moment on the rollercoaster ride of data storytelling.

Who is Lea Pica?

Lea Pica is a data analyst turned Data Storytelling Advocate, international speaker, and workshop facilitator who teaches how to present data and inspire action to thousands of data and marketing practitioners around the world. 

Her mission is to transform data meeting snoozefests into vehicles for change using the power of neuroscience, storytelling, emotion, and effective communication.

Lea is a seasoned data analytics practitioner and digital marketer with over 13 years of experience building search and analytics practices for agencies, publishers, and top brands. She hosts the industry-acclaimed Present Beyond Measure® Show podcast and is authoring her first data presentation book, Present Beyond Measure.

She's had the privilege of training the talented staff of both Fortune 500 brands and analytics/marketing agencies including Microsoft, Deloitte, Intuit, Search Discovery, Ayzenberg Group, Constellation Brands, CVS, and many more.

Lea is a frequent headliner at global live and virtual conferences such as Digital Summit, MeasureSummit, ConversionXL Live, DigiMarCon, Marketing Analytics Summit, Virtual Analytics Summit, Digital Analytics Hub, DAA Symposia, and Web Analytics Wednesday.

She is available for training workshops and conference events, and may be reached for both at LeaPica.com/Contact.

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