41 - Charlies' in Charge
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41 - Charlies' in Charge

When the ground beneath you shifts, how do you find your footing? That's the heart of our latest journey into the unpredictable waves of career and personal life changes. The curtain rises on Charlie Yielding's tale of transitioning from a 15-year legacy at a company to the uncharted waters of new opportunities. We unfold the complicated emotions tied to workplace upheavals, the severing of long-standing bonds, and the daunting yet thrilling prospect of starting fresh. Navigating these waters isn't a solo act—so join us as we share the poignant lessons learned from letting go and the courage required to embrace new beginnings.

Charlie Yielding and Charlie Apigian both dive into their last few months and years within their careers and how the work-life balance has personally affected them and how taking a step back allows for growth that hope will be fun and most important impactful.

Join the Charlie's as they take charge of their careers and bring you along on the journey.

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