40 - Responsible Data and AI with Franklin Graves
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40 - Responsible Data and AI with Franklin Graves

Ever grappled with the idea that the music you stream, the content you consume, and the data you share could intersect with the intricate web of technology law? We're peeling back the layers of this digital onion with Franklin Graves, an attorney whose expertise melds legal know-how with genuine enthusiasm for content creation. Together, we're traversing the terrain of data provenance and the ethical quandaries in AI development, crucial for everyone from up-and-coming YouTubers to the boardrooms of tech giants.

Wading deeper into the data pool, our episode traverses the tightrope walk of legal databases, access to justice, and the spark of controversy ignited by AI's hand in generating legal documents. It's a world where the scales of public good and proprietary interests are in constant flux, a balance made even more precarious by the rise of deepfakes and the push for platform liability. Through it all, we underscore the shared responsibility in content moderation, and why every click, every post, carries weight in the digital ecosystem.

Franklin Graves
Franklin is an experienced in-house counsel currently serving as a member of the technology law group at HCA Healthcare, Inc., where he provides guidance and strategic counsel for corporate technology initiatives.

He is also a Lecturer on Law with New England Law | Boston where he teaches Cyber Law, and an Affiliated Faculty with Emerson College’s Business of Creative Enterprises MA program where he teaches business and IP law. 

Franklin previously held roles on the commercial legal team at Eventbrite, Inc. and Naxos Music Group. Franklin also runs the weekly newsletter, Creator Economy Law, on LinkedIn.

He regularly contributes to IPWatchdog, Tubefilter, and Passionfruit, as a means to educate creators and raise awareness of all legal aspects of the creator economy. He is based in Nashville, TN.

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