36 - 2023 Data Recap and Predictions
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36 - 2023 Data Recap and Predictions

What a 2023! With all of the advancements in AI and expectations on where the future of technology is headed, Charlie Yielding and Charlie Apigian recap episodes from 2023, some of the top stories, and their predictions for 2024.

Recap of previous episodes:

Predictions gone wrong:

  • Episode 15 - AI and ChatGPT - Paul Vinton predicts that everything will change in 6 months because of AI. The Charlie's think he is crazy. Looking back, Paul wins this one.
  • Episode 16 - GPT and Beyond - just as we discussed AI and ChatGPT, GPT-4 comes out the next day. So, the Charlie's had to come back with why this is a game changer. They also predict when GPT-5 comes out - hint, they were wrong.
  • Episode 18 - Home automation - after heavily debated which type of device to use (Apple, Google, Amazon), the industry creates a standard called Matter.

2024 Predictions:

  • Charlie Apigian - Domain specific AI applications and slow growth in innovation (expect a lot of average/crappy AI apps).
  • Charlie Yielding - AI will actually be based on Gen AI - such as Google home, Alexa, etc.

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