35 - Cool Data Apps and Devices - "The Coolies"
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35 - Cool Data Apps and Devices - "The Coolies"

Welcome to the second annual "Coolies" (or at least that is what Charlie Apigian keeps calling them), where the Data 4 All crew provides their favorite data related apps and devices from the past year and decide on the top data app and top data device.

Join Charlie Yielding, Shauna Sprague, and Charlie Apigian for some apps and devices you may or may not know about and see who has the best ones - hint: they are not named Charlie.

The Coolies - Scoring system:

  • Each person gets 1 data app and 1 data device.
  • Each person gets to vote on which one they feel is the top app and the top device.
  • The combined votes per person will win The Coolies 2023.

 Cool Data Apps:

Cool Data Devices:

The Coolies Scoring:

  • Shauna - (votes: 2 app + 1 device) = 3 votes
  • Charlie A - (votes: 1 app + 0 device) = 1 vote
  • Charlie Y - (votes: 0 app + 2 device) = 2 votes

Winner: Shauna Sprague (3 votes)!

Other Apps and Devices mentioned:

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