32 - Data in Networking
Data 4 AllNovember 14, 2023x
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32 - Data in Networking

 In today's episode of Data 4 All the Charlie Yielding and Charlie Apigian talk about the basics of building a network. How to network, why to network and tips and tricks to building that network to best support your opportunities and also just to engage with others in your profession.

Meetup.com - https://www.meetup.com/data-science-nashville/ reddit.com/r/datascience 

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 0:00 Intro - Why Network 
3:50 Why we teach networking in ELITE 
9:00 How to get started with your Network 
23:55 How to dress for a networking event 
4:20 How to start talk to people in a crowded room 
44:13 How to initiate conversation in a crowded room when you are nervous 
50:58 How to network with a group 
54:42 Always ask the question 
58:20 How to disengage from a conversation or group 
1:04:30 Brief overview of networking at multi-day events 
1:10:02 How to keep track of your growing network 
1:17:23 The importance of showing up when growing a network 
1:21:50 Closing 

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